Patient Information

Your Stay as a UMC Patient

Patient and Family Centered Care

Our first priority is to provide you the care you need, when you need it, with skill, compassion and respect. Please tell your caregivers if you have concerns about your care or if you have pain. You have the right to know the identity of doctors, nurses and others involved in your care, and you have the right to know when they are students, residents or other trainees. Our team is here for you, so please never hesitate to ask for assistance. 

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Patient Liaison

To support the healing process, UMC recommends designating a loved one as your liaison during your hospital stay. The designated liaison is invited to stay with the patient around the clock, unless the medical staff identifies a need for privacy.

All patient updates will be given to the liaison who should, in turn, pass the information on to the patient’s family and friends. Likewise, all questions from the patient’s family and friends should be passed through the liaison to the medical staff.

All other visitors will follow normal visitation guidelines. Please keep in mind that patients in isolation may have restricted visitation guidelines.

Visitors are not allowed to bring food inside the room. However, the patient’s liaison is encouraged to eat in the patient’s room when the patient is able to eat.

If the liaison leaves the room to visit the Cafe @ UMC or an off-site location, he or she will be asked to leave a cellphone number so our team can call to provide any necessary updates or urgent information. 


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