Acclaimed Neonatal Care

Inside the NICU

UMC’s Level III NICU provides specialized care for:

  • Babies born before 32 weeks
  • Babies who are critically ill
  • Babies who need equipment to help them breathe or eat
  • Babies who require surgery

UMC’s NICU has state-of-the-art equipment to keep your baby safe and healthy.

  • 15 Giraffe Warmers: These specialized beds provide heat and comfort to newborns while giving optimal access to neonatologists and nurses during the first hours of life.
  • 21 Giraffe OmniBed Carestations: Once a baby is stabilized, they will be moved to these state-of-the-art incubators. The Giraffe OmniBed Carestations create a safe, relaxing and temperature-controlled environment optimal for growth and development of premature newborns with easy access for nurses and family members.  

Highly Specialized Care

Neonatal Neurology & ENT (Otolaryngology)

In the event your newborn needs surgery, UMC’s expert team of world-class surgeons offers highly-specialized care tailored to your baby’s needs. UMC is one of the only hospitals in the Las Vegas valley to offer neurological (brain) and ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeries on infants. 

Ensuring Success Inside and Outside the NICU

Occupational, physical and speech therapists work closely alongside UMC’s neonatologists to ensure the highest level of care for your baby. Our neonatal therapists can provide solutions to many issues related to premature birth, including feeding or swallowing dysfunction, sensory development, coordination and more. 

Donor Breast Milk Program 

UMC offers donor breast milk from the University of California Health Milk Bank to support the health and well-being of our NICU babies. This donor milk is processed under the strictest safety and quality standards. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends human milk for premature babies. Human milk has been shown to reduce the risk of infection and improve intellectual development. 

Watch your Little Angel from Anywhere

Each bed in the NICU now includes a NicView, a small camera system that gives parents and other family members a way to look in on their newborn in real-time. The NicView can be accessed through a secure online portal available through computer or smartphone 24/7, offering parents peace of mind even when they can’t be at their baby’s beside.

Log In to NicView

March of Dimes Partnership 

UMC’s Level III NICU has a longstanding partnership with March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization committed health and well-being of mothers and newborns through research, education and advocacy. Through our partnership, March of Dimes offers education and information on resources available to parents with babies being treated in the NICU. Click here to learn more.

Life After the NICU

Christopher and Isaac's Story:

Weighing less than one pound at birth, Christopher was the smallest baby ever to graduate from the hospital’s NICU and go home with his loving family. Known to his family as “Christopher the Courageous,” he spent nearly a year receiving highly specialized, round-the-clock care from the clinical professionals at UMC Children’s Hospital. When Christopher was finally ready to go home, NICU Medical Director Dr. Francis Banfro celebrated the monumental occasion alongside the baby and his family. After building a strong bond with the family, Dr. Banfro walked them downstairs and wished them a fond farewell outside of UMC Children’s Hospital. 

Just months after Christopher went home, Isaac was born at 1 pound 10 ounces and spent three months in the NICU. Thanks to the world-class care they received from Dr. Banfro and his colleagues at UMC Children’s Hospital, Christopher and Isaac continue to grow and thrive. 

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