Volunteer Services

Community Service Volunteers

The Volunteer Services Department focuses on nurturing citizen service and building leadership within our community. It is remarkable that citizens service of Clark County now includes more than 100 community organizations and includes thousands of people. This collaboration provides support to premature newborns, hospitalized children and grieving parents by providing the hospital with blankets, infant layettes, baby health care kits, memory boxes, burial gowns and books dealing with grief.  In addition, we also focus on “blankets of hope” that are given to comfort our patients afflicted with cancer. This citizen collaboration has grown more than 100% since 1995 and it continues to grow at UMC.

Hospitality Services

UMC is seeking volunteers to work in our hospitality areas. Volunteers functioning in these areas will staff the information desk where you will meet, greet and provide directions to patient and visitors. Volunteer may escort and transport patients via wheelchair when needed. Other hospitality volunteers will provide social interaction by providing reading material, literature, puzzles, music, and general conversation to patients. We welcome your gifts of time, talent and energy and offer a number of opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Pediatrics/Child Life's

The Volunteer will nurture, support and serve the children, families and staff on the pediatric in-patient units.  Volunteers must be 16 years or older.  They will work with patients ranging in ages from infancy to adolescence and must be aware of the unique and special needs of hospitalized children and their families.  Volunteers will provide activities at the bedside or in the playroom or will be asked to hold, feed, and comfort infants when family is not present.  Volunteers are vital to our health care team. 

Senior Volunteers

We at UMC are providing interesting roles for our senior volunteers including working with patients and their families and customer service related jobs.

K-9 Volunteer Services

A program that allow pets to interact with patients.  Also called pet therapy, it is not a substitute for traditional therapy but is proven to relieve stress, reduce depression and lower blood pressure in patients.  U.M.C’s therapy dogs must be a year old and pass and 10 point test designed by Therapy Dogs Inc., a national organization that certifies K-9 therapists. Once a dog passes the test, it becomes a member of the K-9 Therapists of Las Vegas, which means the dog is certified to visit patients in medical facilities city wide. Dog owners must meet a separate set of requirements regulated by Volunteer Services.

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