News & Media

Committed to Keeping You Informed

Our Media Relations Team has a commitment to meeting the needs of the media as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  1. Members of the media are only allowed inside UMC for news coverage when escorted by a member of our Media Relations Team. Please call Danita Cohen at 702.383.3987 to coordinate media coverage at UMC.
  2. Updates for mass casualty incidents will be provided regularly on the Hospital's Media section.
  3. A member of the media relations team will serve as official hospital spokesperson, unless specific medical information is necessary, in which case, a medical spokesperson will be designated by the hospital's administration.
  4. Requests for information or interviews should be made to the media relations team. It is UMC policy that only members of UMC’s media relations and hospital administration are allowed to confirm information and grant interview requests.
  5. UMC’s Media Relations will facilitate and coordinate media access to the hospital, administrators, physicians, religious personnel, patients, family and friends during the crisis.
  6. UMC adheres to the guidelines of HIPAA in protecting all patient information.
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