Wellness Center

Commitment to Caring for HIV/AIDS Patients

UMC has had a long-standing and proud commitment to caring for HIV/AIDS patients. In fact, UMC pioneered HIV/AIDS care in Nevada and continues to lead the way. UMC's dedicated in-and out-patient services, its participation in national clinical trials, and its experienced and caring staff are aimed at providing the most advanced and comforting care, one patient at a time.

We care for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families regardless of age or ability to pay. Our clients are referred to one of our “Specialty Physicians” and that Specialist works with the client’s Primary Care Physician to coordinate and manage all of their ongoing healthcare concerns.

Available services:

  • Management of HIV and Hepatitis viral diseases.
  • T-cell and viral load testing
  • Investigational drug studies and access to compassionate use medications
  • TB testing and immunizations
  • HIV PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis)
  • HIV PREP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)
  • Hepatitis C treatment and care
  • For Ryan White eligible clients, the Wellness Center offers the following on-site services: Ryan White Eligibility, Case Management, Social Worker, Nutritional Therapy, Mental Health Service
  • Referrals for specialty care (i.e., dental, vision, dermatology, etc.)

The UMC HIV/Hepatitis C Wellness Center is an outpatient hospital based specialty clinic.  We are listed under the hospital’s name in most provider directories.  Please note, the hospital will be listed and not the individual names of our physician providers. For referral purposes, UMC HIV/Hepatitis C Wellness Center should be requested.

701 Shadow Lane Second Floor
Days / Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 4:30pm (we are closed for lunch between 12:00pm-1:00pm)
Telephone: (702) 383-2691

Our staff will be happy to assist you with appointment scheduling and, as a courtesy, will give you a reminder call one (1) to two (2) days prior to your appointment date. In order to serve all of our patients in a timely fashion, the following guidelines are necessary and will be enforced:

  1. To save you time, NEW patients may complete the NEW patient packet and bring to your scheduled appointment or please arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for registration purposes.
  2. All ESTABLISHED patients must arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time for registration purposes.
  3. For routine medical care of chronic conditions or physicals, please call to schedule your appointments several days to a week in advance. If you only need a lab draw, please call ahead in order for the staff to finalize the orders with your provider.
  4. Follow-up appointments will be necessary to discuss all lab test results with your physician. It is important to have an accurate list of ALL your medications, including the dosages and how often they are taken. Please bring all of your medication bottles with you to each of your appointments. If you have seen any other doctors or have had any medical testing (Labs or X-Rays) since your last visit, please also bring copies of your medical records to your next appointment.
  5. All requests for Referrals, FMLA Forms and Disability Forms will require an appointment.
  6. Patients arriving after their scheduled appointment time may be rescheduled.

If you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment, please call the office to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
Should you miss your appointment without calling to cancel or to reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, any of the following may result in placing you on a “Wait Status” to be seen by a physician:

You may be required to see your doctor for prescription refills, but in some cases you can call your pharmacy and ask them to fax us a refill request. All patients must see their physician in a face-to-face visit at least once every six months in order to renew medications.If we receive a refill request and you have not seen your doctor within the last 6 months, the request may be denied and you will need to call to schedule an appointment.

Requests for Lab Copies, Medical Records, etc. will be addressed within seventy-two (72) hours of the request date. Please contact our office with your requests and we will call you to notify you when your records are ready for pick up.

Our clinic accepts most insurances offered in the Las Vegas area as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

The Wellness Center also receives federal funds from the Ryan White program for people living with HIV/AIDS who do not qualify for other programs. Our office staff will help direct you to the appropriate agencies to apply for these programs.

If you need to be admitted to University Medical Center, your care will be directed by one of our inpatient HIV specialists. These physicians will inform your outpatient primary physician of your hospital care. Upon discharge, you will once again follow up with your chosen primary physician.

UMC's Wellness Center serves as the center for HIV/AIDS clinical research for the Clark County area. In addition to in-house clinical trials, The Wellness Center functions as the focal point for community-wide research into new HIV/AIDS therapies as well as research into the behavioral and psychosocial problems which affect persons with HIV/AIDS. Our clinical pharmacist, Dr. Dennis Fuller, assists in supervising HIV/AIDS clinical trials.

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